Harry Potter Alliance

by willrobertbarshop

The Harry Potter Alliance has recently begun this year’s mission of community service under the theme of the beloved fantasy series by J.K. Rowling. President Monica Day led the first meeting by introducing the new members to the HPA’s values of equal rights and opportunities via social action.

I don't find that surprising at all!

The club was advertised in chalk on the Ferguson Plaza.

The meeting began by sorting everyone his or her House. While being significant in the Harry Potter universe, within the HPA they represent specific issues that each team will work against, such as illiteracy or discrimination. The Houses also provide a quirky way of team-building that is a major strength of the organization. It is serious about making a difference, but not afraid to have fun while doing so.

Currently, the HPA is supporting the Not in Harry’s Name movement to ensure all Harry Potter-sponsored chocolate is bought and sold under Fair Trade agreements. The group also promotes the Wrock the Vote campaign which encourages consciousness of the issues of education and marriage equality when it comes to the coming election. The UA chapter of the HPA is working out the details of a bake sale and several members are walking in the Out of Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk today, 14 October.

Perhaps the most pressing priority, however, is that Auburn has a new HPA club, and they think theirs is better than ours. Stay updated on a possible upcoming tournament of magical challenges.