by willrobertbarshop

This week marks UA’s return from Fall Break, and the midterm point of the semester. I was lucky enough to catch a flight back to Chicago for the weekend, and took the time to relax with my family and friends from home.

One day while I was there, my girlfriend took me to her campus at DePaul University and to the Skydeck at the Willis (neé Sears) Tower. The tower recently had clear boxes installed on the 103rd floor that visitors can walk into to see the city from above.

Deanna and I waited in line behind spectators ranging from a man who refused to go in to have his picture taken, to one who insisted on doing pushups inside the box.


As I stepped out onto the glass, I recognized the familiar combination of nausea and excitement that has come with the various first steps I have taken in my life. Not the least of which is my first step here at the University of Alabama, which has seen the birth of new relationships, habits, difficulties, and opportunities. Like standing in a glass box 1,300 feet from the ground, I know I have the support I need, but it doesn’t make the view less unnerving.

While my precious days at home were refreshing, classes start again this week, and I return to a different Skydeck.