C&IS CommUnity Gathering

by willrobertbarshop

On Wednesday, 26 September, members of the UA College of Communications convened at the steps of Reese Phifer for the second annual CommUnity Gathering, an event intended to inform and motivate communications students.

Associate professor, Dr. Jason Black introduced the event and commented on the changing face of the communications program, and the growth he has seen in the past few years. The president of <acronymtitle=”Alabama Student Society for Communication Arts”>ASSCA</acronym>, Susan Griffiths, was absent due to a prior engagement, but the VP read the speech she prepared about the importance of student involvement with the college. Finally, Dean Loy Singleton expressed his pride in the recognition that students and faculty receive, and read an impressive list of awards and honors that they have accumulated just in the past year.

After the speeches concluded, we students were ushered into the building to visit the many C&IS organizations that had set up tables in the Reese Phifer rotunda (and enjoy free pizza courtesy of the college). The room was packed with students, but the crowd flowed steadily in a circle passing each of the booths and their representatives.

If the goal of CommUnity was to make me eager to jump into the field of communications, then it worked. The surplus of talent and accomplishments in my fellow students reminded me that I was not going to reach their position by sitting around waiting for someone to notice me. It is my responsibility to show people what I can do. The long list of accolades that Dean Singleton provided also reminded me of the strong competition right here at the University and that there is no good time to stop making an effort to stay on top. The information I gathered from the student organizations was all useful, but the most valuable part of CommUnity for me was the picture of what these next four years will be like.