Free Flu Shots

by willrobertbarshop

If you have set foot on campus during the past few weeks, you should be aware that the Capstone College of Nursing is administering free flu shots to all students, faculty, and staff to prevent the spread of illness this season.

It is unknown if the poster is intentionally shaped like Illinois.

This poster is a reminder for the residents of Lakeside West, Floor 3, posted by the RA, Brianna Miller, who will be administering the shots on Friday.

The station had already given 450 shots this afternoon, 26 September, bringing the total to over 5,000 so far. The University has 8,000 vaccinations in all, and will continue its campaign until all the shots have been used.

I stopped by one of the nurses’ stations on the quad this afternoon before class to get my own vaccination, and I was pleasantly surprised by how painless and efficient the process was. From signing my name to getting the shot, I spent less than a minute with the UA nursing students before I asked to take my picture.

I didn't cry at all.

This is the nurse who put the shot in my arm

With the amount of unavoidable close contact the average student is subjected to in the winter months, getting vaccinated now is a no-brainer. As the nurses-to-be have been shouting at passers-by, “It’s free, so you might as well!”